Andrew Yang asks his gang to support Democrats everywhere in the DNC email explosion

Andrew Yang has a new mission.

The democrat and entrepreneur may have left the president’s race after the primary vote closed in New Hampshire on Tuesday, but he is still for Democrats. He sent an email on Thursday on behalf of the National Democratic Committee asking for donations – a somewhat unexpected move for the man who was an outlier in 2020.

In his email, Yang recognized the “enthusiasm, commitment and commitment” that he had seen from supporters during his campaign and said the support of his “Yang Gang” showed that the issues he stood for ” real and urgent “. But while “the numbers didn’t add up for me to win this race,” Yang still says that he “will fight to make sure the Democrats win in every corner of our country this year.” He closed his email by asking for donations to the DNC’s “Unity Fund” that would “help democrats vote up from the bottom of the ticket.”

Yang was known for hiring a rare crowd of followers for his campaign, including those who supported Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) And President Trump in 2016. So the DNC is probably hoping that he will continue to work Yang Gang magic in the rest of the races this fall.

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