Android 14: Camera can work as a webcam via USB cable

2023-09-22 18:59:00

In the absence of a decent webcam, in emergencies, applications already allowed users to use their cell phone cameras, via cable, on PCs as a substitute. Now, according to tests with Android 14 QPR Beta, there is a way to use these features officially, without any third-party apps, via the USB connection.

In the new version of the interface, when connecting the cell phone to a computer, the user will be presented with the “webcam” function among the usage options. Compatible with PC, Mac, Chromebook and Linux as the solution was made for standard USB Video Class (UVC). However, the feature does not support using the cell phone’s camera wirelessly.

The new feature is available on some models in the Pixel line, but probably, while the new system becomes popular among cell phones around the world, the function should also be integrated by other brands through updates. However, it should not be included in the first stable distribution of Android 14, which is still experiencing delays, and should finally arrive next month.

The likely date is October 4th, when Google will also reveal the Pixel 8 puppies to the world.

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