Ángel de Brito, mischievous about Mario Guerci and Sole Bayona’s daring kiss at La Academia: “They told me they practiced a lot”

In the last days, rumors about a romance spread Come in Mario Guerci and his partner from The academy from ShowMatch Sole Bayona, which would have caused the breakup with her fiancé, Nicolas Smirnoff.

At the pageant, the couple performed a moving musical comedy performance, which concluded with a daring kiss between the contestants to the rhythm of Don´t stop believin´from Journey.

When it comes to returns, Angel de Brito did not miss the chance to talk about rumors, and for that reason he aimed against the participants emphasizing the end of the performance. “I wanted to ask Bayona how Mario kisses,” launched the driver of BLUE.

“It was a nice kiss,” Bayona defended herself, and then De Brito came out at the crossroads with another disconcerting phrase: “they told me they rehearsed a lot here today.” “No, the last floor pass and the camera pass,” said the dancer, implying that there were three kisses with the model.


“I was worried because I told him that everything we put in at the last minute, goes wrong. And we did it at the last minute, “said Guerci, noting that the kiss was an improvisation that emerged in recent rehearsals.

“Especially because the stairs opened while we kissed and the fear was that that would happen,” added Sole Bayona. “Was it difficult for Mario to kiss for the first time on camera?” Angel wanted to know.

“No, it was not the first time,” said Mario Guerci, who laughed at Ángel de Brito’s insinuations about his supposed romance with Soledad Bayona, that he already denied with his partner on social networks that such thing is true.


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