Ángela Aguilar wears GREEN HAIR, dressed with a pronounced neckline and looks SPECTACULAR !: PHOTO

Tremendous surprise took the followers of the singer Angela Aguilar after observing the most recent publication that the singer made on her profile on Instagram where she showed off her new look change.

In the social network, where he has more than 4 millions of followers, the interpreter of songs like “Tell me how you want”, “La llorona” and “Como la flor” uploaded a photograph that immediately gave people talk.

As you know, the young daughter of Pepe Aguilar It had been characterized by its beautiful and short black hair so its new color surprised everyone.

In her profile, Ángela Aguilar uploaded an image modeling the new color of her hair, which she decided to dye it green and the truth is that it looks pretty good.

The Mexican regional interpreter assured that her new look and the company of your Trojan hair are the perfect formula for happiness.

“Green hair + Trojan = Happiness,” he wrote.

As expected, the result immediately became a topic of conversation among Internet users, reaching, so far, more than 445 thousand likes and endless comments.


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