Angela Merkel warns of British corona mutation

Merkel speaks of “difficult times”

It can be a long winter! Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned of the risk of the coronavirus mutations spreading in Germany. “Germany faces eight to ten very tough weeks,” said Merkel, according to information from several participants in the security group of the Union parliamentary group on Tuesday. Merkel did not speak of an extended lockdown, but of a “difficult time”.

Developments in Ireland have shown how quickly the virus can spread. There was a tenfold increase in the number of infections there within a short time. Several sources contradicted a “Bild” report that Merkel had announced tough corona measures for another eight to ten weeks at the meeting. It was agreed at the meeting that this depends very much on how quickly the new virus variant spreads in Germany.

In ten weeks we would be in calendar week twelve and thus in the last days of March. If the lockdown really had to be extended until shortly before Easter, then we would have actually spent the entire winter in this state.

The point now is to keep the particularly contagious British variant away from Germany. In addition, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn wants to bring stricter entry rules in motion on Thursday.


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