Angélica Blandón reveals her techniques to control anxiety on social networks

Angelica Blandón

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Angelica Blandón

Angelica Blandón approached his followers through the dynamic of questions of Instagram and shared details of his life, which until now, were unknown to many. At the request of a web navigator, the actress remembered for her participation in productions such as ‘The Mafia Dolls’ and‘The frog’s sign’, referred to anxiety and experiences she has had with this mental health problem.

The artist clarified that she has suffered from this disorder and to control it she puts into practice very simple methods. “I have not had clinical episodes, there are some very severe but It has helped me to look at the sky or a light-colored wall and there visualize letter by letter words that generate serenity such as control, tranquility, harmony, this accompanied by breathing, he replied in one of his



The actress is not only flattered on social networks for her talent for interpreting characters and for her beauty, network users also highlight their good vibes and it is not for less, since Angelica Blandón In his publications he usually sends positive messages, which inspire to see life and the situations that it brings with it, in a different way.

She recently posted a black and white photograph of her and accompanied it with a heartfelt message, in which she reflected the roller coaster of emotions she has had to face during her gestation stage. “I want to remind you that the days are colorful and full of nuances, in the same day I laugh out loud, I cry, I yearn, I breathe, I do yoga, I get tired, I walk, I try to read and I say I try because in this pregnancy everything that has to do with the mind costs me a lot“He wrote in the post that it exceeded 3,000 likes.


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