Angélica Castro: famous national gave her support in this difficult time

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Angelica Castro She continues to be the focus of the news due to the disloyal attitudes that her husband of years Cristian de La Fuente had. While she was in a bar in Mexico, the famous man was captured at the precise moment everything happened.

This action by the actor culminated in a cataract of news and criticism in this regard, most were on the side of Angelica Castro.

Far from hiding her sorrow, the actress continued with her workday as best she could, she was seen on a walk with Jordi CastellCristián Campos and Ale del Sante arriving by helicopter with, at their uncertain destination, how can they try to fulfill their work obligations.

Recently during the “Me Late” program, the journalist Sergio Rojas revealed the possibility that the famous woman was thinking of completing the marriage after all the repercussions that were generated in this regard: “Today, close circle says that he is thinking of getting divorced”sentenced.

In his social networks he posted a photograph yesterday with his pet that he loves so much. The publication caused a wide impact, reaching 47 thousand “I love it” and with various comments from different celebrities of the Chilean show business, one of them stood out with her appearance.

Pilar Sordo told him: “We are here to accompany you. I love you.” reaching over 300 likes. In this way he joined the many who try to support him from a distance in this unfortunate event in his life.

Multiple media outlets dealt with the issue closely, including Daniel Fuenzalida along the lines of the host of “Que te lo Digo”, raised the possibility of the dissolution of the link: “There are several alternatives, if Angélica Castro thinks about divorce and this takes place, Lucho Borrego’s version gains strength, that indeed this comes from behind and we had not heard about it, but that the most intimate forum knew”

For now Angelica Castro He did not comment on it, nor did his heiress. On the part of Cristian de la Fuente, the sayings arose where he admitted the damage caused and the shame that this brought to his family.

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