Angers-PSG: and now to win… without Mauricio Pochettino

Decidedly, the days before the meeting against Angers are, this season, a little cursed for the coaches of PSG. On October 1, when Thomas Tuchel appeared at a press conference on the eve of the first leg, he did not know it yet, but his critical remarks on the management of the Paris transfer window would accelerate his loss. “We have a small team with players who play a lot, without preparation, with the coronavirus, loose that day the German coach. We will pay the price one day, in November, December, January… ”The next day, at the end of the great Parisian success against the Angevins (6-1), Leonardo, the sports director, had appeared in front of the press to reframe the German technician.

This Friday, everything seemed to be going for the best for Mauricio Pochettino. Two days after the joy of the Champions Trophy won against Marseille (2-1), the Argentinian technician led the morning training session with almost his entire group, before holding his usual press conference. And, then, at the end of the day, the news of his positive Covid test fell. Pochettino was obviously placed in solitary confinement and his loyal assistants Jesus Perez and Miguel D’Agostino in charge of taking over.

Work abroad

Pochettino is not the first Ligue 1 coach to be affected by Covid. Monaco and Strasbourg have also known that in these complicated times. But the case falls badly. Beyond the fact that this is still the thirteenth case of Parisian Covid since the start of the season, we do not yet know whether, in the wake of Rafinha, Kehrer and Dagba recently affected, Pochettino could not it also infect other players.

In addition, while he had shown himself invested “almost night and day” in building his team, Pochettino will now have to work remotely. He will miss the preparation of Montpellier (the 22nd) and can hope to return for the week of the trip to Lorient (the 31st).

Despite everything, his line of conduct remains known to everyone. “Against Marseille, we saw a more solid team, a more compact block, he said. We discussed it with the players, I told them that it should be the foundations of our project. “One month and seven games before the shock against Barcelona, ​​the Parisians know what they have to do.

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