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[Washington, 17th Reuters]-The US midterm elections are still about 10 months away. However, the Joe Biden administration and the ruling and Democratic camps that support it could be dominated by Republicans in either the House of Representatives or both houses, launching a series of investigations into the administration and attempting to impeach the president. I’m assuming.

The US midterm elections are still about 10 months away. However, the Biden administration and the ruling and Democratic camps that support it assume that there may be a scenario in which the Republicans occupy the majority in either the House of Representatives or the House of Representatives, start a series of investigations on the administration, and attempt to impeach the president. ing. The photo is Mr. Biden. Taken in Dallas, Pennsylvania, October 2020 (2022 Reuters / Kevin Lamarque)

Parliamentarians, parliamentary staff, and strategy officials will do a lot of research targeting the Biden administration, especially if Republicans loyal to former President Donald Trump get a post on the main committee. I’m predicting.

For example, Congressman Matt Gaetz is the one who promotes the investigation. The podcast has declared that it will close the Justice Ministry. Congressman Bob Gibbs has also been insisting on Biden’s impeachment since September last year over the withdrawal of Afghanistan. I would also like to mention the name of Congressman James Comer, who is expected to become chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Commission.

According to Mr. Comer’s office, he is trying to spoil allegations over the president’s son, Hunter Byden, as well as the administration’s response to supply chain issues and mandatory vaccinations, and the Trump administration. For example, the issue of excluding the appointed military officers.

The White House has already begun to wiggle to protect the government from aggressive investigations.

The Biden administration has appointed former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrew as a special advisor to audit the enforcement of the $ 1 trillion infrastructure investment law. The Republicans are likely to try to scrutinize for fraud in the execution process.

In addition, to strengthen the Presidential Legal Advisory Office, a long-time spokesman for the Democratic Party has been appointed to address the negative effects of the turmoil in the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan last year.

After winning the 2020 presidential election, Mr. Biden’s transition team said he had set up a presidential legal advisory office in case the Republican Party gained a majority in the Senate to conduct investigations targeting the administration. One member of the transition team has revealed.

The Senate dominance has fallen into the hands of the Democratic Party as a result of a final vote in Georgia in January 2021, but the Presidential Legal Advisory Office remains strong.

“There was good reason to expect the Republican Party to be the majority in the Senate,” said Andy Wright, director of legal policy on the transition team. “The original plan was to assume that the Senate would be dominated by Republicans.”

The plan included a proposal to make Jonathan Sue, who was responsible for investigating the administration during the term of former President Obama, as Biden’s deputy legal adviser.

Strategy officials say the Biden administration may hire new researchers, lawyers and spokespersons focused on impeachment investigations.

According to Ben Labolt, a spokeswoman for the Obama administration, the Clinton and Obama administrations had organized response teams of similar size and expertise to the Parliamentary Commission that was conducting the investigation.

“We need to have an equal structure in the administration that can anticipate and counterattack such attacks,” Labolt said.

One of the government’s advisers said Biden will tour the fierce battlefields that will influence the election trend this year. The White House also wants to maintain a majority in both the House and Senate against the backdrop of the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) vaccine and its legislative achievements.

The Democratic National Committee is expected to invest huge amounts of election money in fierce battle states such as Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, which will be important in the 2024 presidential election.

If the Republicans win the midterm elections in November, they say, “I’ll try to follow the same scenario I did in 2011. It’s going to be more incoherent and less grounded than last time.” Is Eric Schultz, a senior adviser to former President Barack Obama, who was appointed as a deputy spokesman at the time to respond to the bombardment investigation.

“They’re going to spoil any trivial matter,” said Richard Painter, Deputy Legal Advisor under Republican President George W. Bush.

Among other issues, Republicans could particularly question the Justice Department’s investigation into the riots by Mr. Trump’s supporters at the Capitol on January 6, last year. If Congress’s investigation into this riot continues, it will try to thwart it.

“We will pursue the current administration, but it will begin with the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),” Gates said, referring to the January 6 riots.

From the Republican Party’s point of view, the new corona measures of $ 1.9 trillion, which was called the “US Relief Plan,” and the expenditures associated with the Infrastructure Investment Law, although the latter has some bipartisan support, are both. It’s a badly-reputed policy and will be scrutinized.

“Of course, Republicans scrutinize the papers, and all these spending is more precise than ever,” said Amy Koch, a Minnesota Republican strategic officer who helps the state and federal candidates win the election. Will be investigated. “

Some Republicans are already calling for impeachment against President Biden. A group of four, led by Congressman Gibbs, has submitted impeachment clauses on immigration issues at the Mexican border and how US troops should be withdrawn from Afghanistan.

Members of the House of Representatives Andy Bigs, Brian Babin, and Randy Weber are all in tune with Gibbs. Separately, Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene, a supporter of Mr. Trump, known for his incendiary behavior, filed an impeachment clause as early as the day after Mr. Biden’s oath of office.

“If Kevin McCarthy, the Republican House Secretary, becomes chairman of the House, there will be a lot of pressure to proceed with Mr. Byden’s debate procedure from day one. So much, if he asks for other options. You can’t hope for it, “said a parliamentary staff member near the Republican leadership.

If the Republican Party has a majority in the House of Representatives, it is believed that McCarthy will replace Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who is currently chairing the House of Representatives.

During the 2020 election, Biden’s son, Hunter, was targeted by Trump and Republicans seeking to pursue fraud during his tenure as a board member at a Ukrainian energy company. Investigations in Ukraine have found no evidence of fraud.

“There will be many allegations involving Mr. Hunter, but many will be aggressions against Mr. Biden, and many will be personal,” Painter predicted.

The Democratic Party of the House of Representatives has called on President Trump for impeachment twice. The first was about unjustified efforts against Ukraine, and the second was about words and deeds that led to the riots on January 6, both of which were spared impeachment by the Republican-dominated Senate.

(Jeff Mason, Jarrett Renshaw, Translated by: Acrelen)

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