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[Brussels / Moscow 25th Reuters]-The “ultimate purpose” of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is to seize the capital Kiev and then set up a land corridor leading to the Black Sea, effectively dividing the country into two. ─ Military analysts and Ukrainian officials have given such an analysis.

On February 25, the “ultimate purpose” of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is to seize the capital Kiev and then set up a land corridor leading to the Black Sea, effectively dividing the country into two ── military analysts. And Ukrainian officials have given such an analysis. The photo shows President Putin attending a video conference in Moscow on the same day. Photo provided (2022 Reuters)

It is possible that Russian President Vladimir Putin will still seek to take control of the whole of Ukraine in some way in order to stop Ukraine from joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Russian troops are taking “side-by-side operations” to advance from the weakest defenses of Ukraine, such as the northern border where Ukraine borders Belarus and the southern Crimean crisis where Russia declared annexation in 2014.

If these operations are successful, the Kremlin will be able to take control of the eastern part of Ukraine, including the Black Sea coast, while placing the western part of Ukraine in a client state position and avoiding the cost burden of long-term occupation. The house points out.

In a post on Facebook on the 24th, the Ukrainian Department of Defense said in a post on Facebook that the Russian government’s goal was to “block Kiev and occupy the Crimean Peninsula (in Moldova, which borders Ukraine). He pointed out that it seems that it is to build a “land corridor leading to the Transnistria region”. Russia has troops stationed in Transnistria.

Jog Forbrig of the Berlin-based German Marshall Foundation said Russian troops could “create a land corridor connecting three areas already controlled by Russia (eastern Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula, Transnistria). Will come to take control in most of Ukraine. “

US officials believe Russia’s original goal was to overthrow Ukraine’s Zelensky administration.

“Putin doesn’t want (eastern Ukraine) Donbas and Donetsk. He wants the whole of Ukraine, but he doesn’t have to occupy the whole to reach that goal. His aim is Ukraine. It will “behead” the nation. ” Hans Rotor Domrose, a retired German officer, points out:

Some have pointed out the burden of military spending associated with the invasion of Ukraine.

“The Soviet Union has invested enormous costs in stationing troops in Eastern Europe, despite the voluntary cooperation of the communist states of Eastern Europe.” Elizabeth Blow of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) said:

Putin may seek to conclude a similar agreement with Belarus in western Ukraine, which is dominated by Ukrainian-speaking residents. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is holding back domestic dissidents with the help of Russia.

Professor Carlo Masala of the Federal Military University of Munich says the Russian army has not yet made a major expansion into western Ukraine.

“Russian troops are not enough to occupy Ukraine for a long time to put in 160,000 or 200,000. Mr Putin’s main purpose is to seize Donbus and make a land corridor to Crimean. Building and separating these areas from Ukraine. I think it is to have a puppet government in Kiev. “

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