Angry young man being scolded for not covering the lid make cats eat mackerel Set fire to the house Sit in the mood to look at the work.

Angry young man being scolded for not covering the lid Causing a cat to sneak up to eat a mackerel, get angry, set fire to the house, sit on the opposite side to watch the work that she has done. Grandma holds her 2 grandchildren to escape death.

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On May 31, 21, Pol Lt. Col. Bundit At-om, deputy sergeant of the Nang Rong Police Station, Buriram Province, received a notice of a man who burned down his house. In the area of ​​Moo 6, Nong Son Subdistrict, Nang Rong District, Buriram Province and nearby fire trucks attended the inspection. before rushing to help

The scene was a two-story, half-timbered house. which is the home of Mrs. Somphon Thiangkratok, 61 years old, found the fire burning quickly The fire truck came to help, but it was too late. because the house is a wooden building causing the entire fire to burn And during the incident, no one dared to put out the fire.

From an investigation near the scene of the accident, Mr Surat, 27, was the grandson of the homeowner sitting cross-legged in front of his hut which is opposite the burning house looking at the fire burning the house in the hand holding an eto knife The police then took him into custody. because from the reports received Probably the person who set the house on fire by Mr. Surat confessed that he actually set the house on fire. Because of dissatisfaction with his own 11-year-old grandson who sued her grandmother that she refused to cover the dining table. Causing a cat to eat a mackerel, causing resentment

While Ms Somphon said that in the house, four people live together, including herself, Mr Surat, who is the child of her sister, 11-year-old nephew and 7-year-old nephew, who today sit in a circle to eat together as usual. But after eating, my 11-year-old grandson took the cat and threw it out of the house. therefore blamed his grandchildren “Why did you make a cat like this?” The nephew replied that this cat went to eat mackerel on the dining table because Mr. Surat, who finished the meal, was the last person who didn’t cover the lid.

causing Mr. Surat to be dissatisfied, announcing at that time that he would “burn down the house” and use a spade to attack his 11-year-old grandson, so he stopped him. But he was afraid that it would not be safe because Mr Surat had a mania. So the two grandchildren ran away to live in a relative’s house close to each other for about 5 minutes and a fire broke out. unacceptable events must let the judicial process proceed according to the law without asking for bail

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