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Animal crossing drinks licensed by Nintendo in the Melinda, K.K. Slider and Tom Nook available


19:00 – 21.02.2020
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Just in time for the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons On March 20th, the German video game store Kujumi and the German beverage distribution partner AQVAMI will publish special in cooperation with Nintendo Game Flavor: Animal crossing drinks, The drinks are available in the flavors Melinda (Orange, elderberry, vanilla), K.K. Slider (Cherries, blueberries, herbs) and Tom Nook (Lemon, pomegranate, hibiscus) – € 3.99 per bottle (250 mL):

Game Flavor: Animal Crossing

World first! The super-exclusive Animal Crossing Game Flavor Drinks – Our first trio of drinks licensed by Nintendo. The taste of the game in real life.

Game Flavor: Animal Crossing – Melinda:
Now experience Melinda’s fruity surprise based on fresh orange, carefully selected elderberry and fine vanilla.

Game Flavor: Animal Crossing – K.K. Slider:
Now K.K. Experience Slider’s sweeping fruit harmony based on fresh cherries, rich blueberries and a carefully selected selection of herbs.

Game Flavor: Animal Crossing – Tom Nook:
Now experience Tom Nook’s authentic taste experience based on fine lemon, healthy pomegranate and natural hibiscus.

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You can get your drinks right now pre-order on the Kujumi official website, there you can also see the detailed ingredients of the drinks and the exact shipping costs.

How do you like the new Animal Crossing drinks? Which variety appeals to you the most?

Source: Twitter (NintendoDE), AQVAMI, Kujumi – News picture: © Nintendo




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