Animal Crossing: It’s New Horizons’ wedding season until the end of June

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There are not likely to be many weddings around you this summer, but they will be in the spotlight in Animal Crossing: New Horizons until the end of the month!

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In addition to bringing with it several new creatures to catch, the June update thus marks the arrival of a new thematic event: the wedding season.

This will run until June 30 and will take you to Joe’s Island (or Harv, in English) and, by the same token, its funny photo studio.

You will find the characters Risette and Serge who want you to take their wedding anniversary photos, while building a nice decor for them. And obviously, rewards are the key!

It must be said that the gifts that the couple will offer all follow the theme of the wedding, but if the flowers and the white furniture interest you, you may be served! Once your daily mission is accomplished, Risette will also give you crystals, exchangeable for even more white furniture and floral decorations.

Note that it will be possible to return every day to sketch the portrait of the couple to get new objects.

A purchasing and delivery service for Dodo Airlines

Since Monday, Dodo Airlines also offers a new service, which allows you to sell or have delivered to your home the objects that you will collect on Joe’s island without having to leave it.

To do this, simply speak to Rodrigue (or Wilbur, in English), the pilot of Dodo Airlines, who will now offer to “liquidate” your finds or have them delivered directly to your virtual home.

In the case of the first option, your items will be sold at the price of the Nook Boutique external drop-off point. If you prefer delivery, the items will instead be left in the storage of your home, free of charge.

If the service seems interesting at first glance, it should be noted that it currently works only on Joe’s Island, and not on any mystery island.

It’s disappointing, we don’t tell you! We all hoped to be able to multiply our earnings on our next trips, but this will obviously not be possible …


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