Technology Animal Crossing New Horizons | Find iron ore quickly

Animal Crossing New Horizons | Find iron ore quickly


If you want to quickly find and collect iron ore in Animal Crossing New Horizons to help Tom Nook build a store for residents, you’ve come to the right place. So you quickly found the 30 iron ore.

Farming iron ore in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Shortly after the game starts, when you have paid off your tent and are looking for enough iron ore to build the new store, it is helpful to know a few game tips to make the gameplay easier. On the island where you start the Nintendo Animal Crossing New Horizons adventure, the iron ore is hidden in the four or five rocks that you can usually find. To get valuable resources in the game, you have to hit the rock with an ax or shovel. So you get a small stone, clay, star or iron ore.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Find iron ore quickly

With a little trick you can win eight items from a rock. You have to land a hit quickly eight times in a row. The problem: you always slide back a little when you hit it, and if you’re not careful, you stand too far away and don’t hit again. Therefore: Dig two holes behind you and look diagonally at the rocks. This will help you get iron ore and other resources faster.

Find more rocks for more iron ore

If the eight items from the whole rock on the island are not enough to farm enough iron ore in Animal Crossing New Horizons in one day, there are of course even more ways to get the raw material. You can find iron ore in gifts, for example, and you can redeem a mileage ticket at the airport and try your luck on a small remote island by cutting more rocks. On the occasion you can also find new fruits, fish and insects.

You also have the chance to transform the island into a tarantula island to get a lot of sternis. You can read how to do this in this guide.


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