Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 1.8.0 is now available – Super Mario Items and more

Nintendo has released its Super Mario update for Animal Crossing: New horizons. This upgrades the game to version 1.8.0.

It adds furniture and themed items, as well as additional seasonal content. Patch Notes aren’t available yet, but we’ll update this article with them when they’re released.

One of the coolest additions in this new update is the Warp Pipe – which transports you from one area of ​​your island to another. It’s joined by many other items as well, including Question Blocks, Goal Posts, Coins, Thwomps, and more.

Wearable items include hats – to dress up as your favorite Mario characters, and to add items like seashells and fiery flowers to that. When you download this update, you will also receive a mushroom mural in the mail.

Have you already downloaded this update? Did you notice anything else? Leave a comment below.

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