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Game news Animal Crossing New Horizons: Winter Update and Save Transfer Coming

Animal Crossing New Horizons continues to evolve with the seasons. Nintendo is announcing today the program for the Winter Update, due November 19, and events that will bring the end of the year to life.

The winter festivities will therefore begin this Thursday, November 19, with the addition of nine new facial expressions and six new hairstyles (to be exchanged for Miles), an extension of the maximum storage space (which goes from 1600 to 2400), the possibility to visit random islands in a dream, and the save transfer feature, which will send data (island and inhabitants) from one console to another. Nintendo will soon detail the procedure at this address.

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In a statement, Nintendo clarifies things regarding the save transfer: “The simple transfer function will allow you to transfer resident data to another console. This data includes the resident’s name, appearance and equipment, as well as as his inventory, home and storage. A separate island-wide functionality will allow you to move your user save data as well as the island itself and all of its residents to another console. This service will work through the island transfer software, available free from Nintendo eShop “.

On November 26, Dindou the turkey will disembark for the Day of Sharing (Thanksgiving), an event that consists of collecting ingredients for a large meal in the square. Starting December 1, players will be able to purchase themed clothing from the Fairy Fingers Sisters and toys from the Nook Shop, upstream of the Gift Day on December 24, which will mark the arrival of the reindeer Rodolphe. It will thus be necessary to help him to distribute gifts, which will make it possible to receive them in return. New seasonal items will also be available at the Nook Stop terminal starting December 1. Then, between December 26 and 31, you will also find new festive items to celebrate the New Year.

As for the rest, we are already told that a next update is scheduled for the end of January. Animal Crossing : New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch since March 20, 2020.

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