‘Animals of the Basque Country’, as they have rarely shown us

Illustrated books about animals they are classics. They were essential to getting to know the fauna, precisely when it was impossible to get to the photos and videos in a second. There are many books like this today, but it’s easier to find them about exotic animals Than those who receive the Basque Country.

They wanted to fill that gap Asier Gorostidi and Igor Sarralde ‘Animals of the Basque Country’ albumarekin. Ereinek in the book he has published, they have also managed to combine scientific rigor, beauty and entertaining outreach.

Fish excluded, they have noticed the vertebrates, and of them they have divided the book into sections based on classes: mammals and birds have a separate section, and reptiles and amphibians share the same section. Pages distributed in order there are: insectivores, rodents, predators, lizards and lizards and many others … In all cases, next to the name eukarazko there is Latin.

Not all animals can be found in the Basque Country, 50 most representative rather, making them known is one of the main goals of the work. As the authors said in the presentation – Asier Gorostidi was in San Sebastián, Igor Sarralde spoke in Barcelona – “in the same way that we distinguish a gazelle and a wildebeest are we able to distinguish between roe deer and deer?».

If you read the book well and look at it, yes. Because because text and image cannot be separated; the same attention should be paid to texts that require few lines to give much information as well as to precise and fascinating drawings.

They have tried to make a readable and engaging book for children and adults, and they have succeeded in spreading their knowledge in the hope that they will be able to ‘love and respect nature’. They also wanted to arouse curiosity, and for that they appear at the end of each section clues to keep in mind if you want to find animals they have been listed.


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