Anita Lipnicka showed unpublished photos from the wedding!

Anita Lipnicka (45) fondly remembers her wedding. She showed off new photos!

The singer had an informal relationship with her daughter’s father, John Porter for years.

In 2015, to the surprise of many, they decided to part ways. But for Anita Lipnicka’s fans a real surprise awaited a year later.

In 2016, the star announced that she was getting married!

Lipnicka did not boast about her relationship before, so it was a big surprise for many people.

Ever since she got married, however, she gladly shows her husband. The singer’s choice is Mark Gray, who is a graphic designer by profession.

Although their wedding anniversary falls on September, Anita Lipnicka has now decided to return to that important day with her memories.

On her Instagram profile, she published previously unpublished photos of the ceremony.

“Gee, what would I give to go back there! To that place, that moment … I got married once and for all!” – she wrote in the description.

Fans paid attention in particular to Anita Lipnicka’s dress, which can be seen in all its glory.

We are inclined to agree with the observers that it looked amazing!

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