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Anita Mui’s 58-year-old life

In conjunction with Anita Mui’s 58-year-old birth on October 10, Tony Leung posted a photo with Anita Mui and his wife Carina Lau (right) many years ago on Facebook. The picture is warm. (Taken from Facebook)

(Hong Kong, 10th) Today is the 58th birthday of the late superstar Anita Mui (Sister Mei). Tony Leung posted on Facebook this morning a group photo of holding Anita Mui on the left and holding his wife Carina Lau on the right. Sister Mei was smiling very brightly. I can see that the three people have a very good relationship. I also remembered their friendship. Netizens were moved to leave a message, “Very precious and beautiful photos, I will miss you forever.” and “Thank you for remembering Mei’s birthday.” Also because of the young Liang Chaowei’s face value Against the sky, a pair of electric eyes is very charming, and even netizens can’t help but admire, “Edison Edison and Nicholas Tse have to stand aside.”

Many netizens praised Tony Leung as a caring person with nostalgia, like Leslie Cheung ushered in a 65-year-old birthday on September 12 this year, and he also uploaded photos of the film “Happy Together” on IG at 1 a.m., come I miss this friend. At that time, a large number of fans left a message under the post to send blessings. Some people said that they missed his brother very much, “Li Yaohui, you still remember He Baorong.”, “Don’t forget He Baorong, Tony Leung we love you.”

Anita Mui's 58-year-old life

Anita Mui (left) and Tony Leung collaborated in the 1985 film “Youth Station”. At that time, Tony Leung played Anita Mui in the film, and Tsang Huaqian had more rivals with Lu Fang. (Taken from the network)

Anita Mui's 58-year-old life
Tony Leung, Anita Mui, and Anita Yuen (left) attended the 2003 “Loveless, Scorching Beauty-Leslie Cheung’s World Light and Shadow” event together, where 9 representative films of Leslie Cheung were screened. (Taken from the network)
Anita Mui's 58-year-old life
On September 12th and October 10th this year, Tony Leung sent messages to mourn Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui, which were highly praised by netizens. (Taken from Facebook)

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