Anita Tsoi sold Cadillac Escalade

Popular vocalist Anita Tsoi decided to get rid of its exclusive car park. She held a sale, and the legendary Cadillac Escalade was the first car to be bought from a star. The car is fifteen years old, it passed about three hundred thousand, but at the same time it is perfectly preserved and has its own history.

“It was one of the first cars of this brand brought to Russia from the USA,” Anita Tsoi shared. – At this time, I hosted the TV show “Hello, garage”, which was engaged in tuning the cars of our viewers. Of course, carried away by this process, I did not save on my wheelbarrow and stuffed it with the full extra class of that time. Thus, I became the owner of the coolest stellar car of 2006 ”.

What has Anita Tsoi not “stuffed” her Cadillac with! A huge sofa from a Mercedes, powerful speakers, a TV, a table from a Maybach, interior mirrors appeared in the car … The singer made the decoration with natural rare veneer, inlaid with Swarovski crystals.

Anita Tsoi did not disclose how much she sold her beloved Cadillac Escalade for. But, according to some estimates, this amount is comparable to the price of a good apartment in Moscow.

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