“Ann Siriam”, beautiful at the age of 50, tells the secret to maintaining beauty.

byTipsthat makes Ann Siriam stillbeautyForever He said that “The most important thing is We must always take care of ourselves to be healthy. I myself exercise regularly. with various diseases outside the house full We also have to build a lot of immunity for ourselves.”

“At home, when I have time, I will plant trees. make your mind comfortable The skin I myself have to take special care with the age of number 5, where will it be about wrinkles? sagging skin This is the main problem of older people. But there are some good tips to help.”

That’s for sure, Mik. There is still a good secret that the girl “Ann Siriam” hasn’t told you yet, but I would like to clap loudly for her accuracy. Because even though the age has reached number 5, she is still beautiful and looks younger than her age. It is truly a star of the Thai entertainment industry.


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