Anna Sedokova spoke about health problems

The singer, due to stress, was faced with a disease that has haunted her since childhood.

Anna Sedokova. Photo: personal archive of the singer

Recently a singer Anna Sedokova swollen and completely covered with a rash. Such a reaction from a celebrity appears when she is very worried.

In connection with the latest events in the world, the performer began to worry about her future. Against the backdrop of stress, Sedokova’s old illness worsened. The artist said that since childhood they have been suffering from the so-called urticaria.

Sedokova was afraid to show her face during her illness, but told her fans about her troubles.

“Drinking dozens of pills every day, but still swollen and covered with spots beyond recognition, I began to believe a little less in love and miracles,” Anna said in a personal microblog.

Fans of the performer believe that hives could have arisen due to problems in the relationship between Sedokova and her husband. Anna herself has repeatedly stated that she was on the verge of a divorce.

Recall that before that, Anna Sedokova shared the details of her third childbirth. The celebrity remembered how hard her son Hector was born.

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