Annamie Paul downplays the sling waged against her by the Green Party of Canada

Caught in turmoil after Wednesday’s announcement that the PVC turned to justice to try to validate the internal votes of no confidence directed against her, Annamie Paul told reporters that there was no internal quarrels.

I don’t argue with anyone. I’m not searching [à le faire]. There are no internal quarrels. It really is a one-sided attack.

A quote from:Annamie Paul, Leader of the Green Party of Canada

I’ll focus my attention where it matters, continued the 48-year-old lawyer outside the Party’s new campaign office in Toronto, referring to the upcoming poll, which could take place in the coming months.

At the same time, a process of mistrust towards her was carried by the decision-making body of the Party, the Federal Council, after disagreements arose among several elected officials on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

However, according to Annamie Paul, this eviction attempt was led by a small group of counselors, whose term will end next month.

I am very happy to be working with our next group of counselors and I will no longer be distracted in the work I have to do.

A quote from:Annamie Paul

Although an arbitrator struck down the dispute, lawyers for the PVC insisted by filing an appeal earlier this week in the Ontario Superior Court, which will have to rule on the follow-up to the proceedings.

Speaking on Thursday, Ms Paul did not indicate whether she intended to file a response in court to the impeachment threat.

I am not seeking to advocate or discuss anything of this nature in these forums, she said. I don’t think it’s appropriate. This news is very new and I will think about what is best.

I’m just asking people to be patient during the transition, she added, expressing her wish to refocus attention on the Party’s priorities such as climate change, affordable housing and drug policies.

Annamie Paul also expressed optimism about her electoral prospects in Toronto Center despite two losses in the past two years and the recent revocation by the Party of funds that had been set aside for her campaign.

The division of the Party in question

The legal turn taken by internal dissension in the Green Party is something unprecedented in recent history, according to political scientist Geneviève Tellier.

This is a problem that is fading into the public arena, so clearly Ms. Paul’s leadership is greatly affected. What is unfortunate is that voters, instead of thinking about the Green Party’s electoral proposals, will think more about Ms. Paul’s ability to lead that party.

A quote from:Geneviève Tellier, professor of political studies at the University of Ottawa

According to her, the fact that Annamie Paul had been elected by a short head while being new in the political formation was able to split the Party in two groups.

Mrs Paul comes up with new ideas and it probably won’t do the job of other people who have been in the Party for a very long time, the old guard, who see their ways of doing things shaken up., continued Ms. Tellier.

How to impose these new ideas and convince may be questionable, she analyzed.

With information from Natasha MacDonald-Dupuis and Michel Bolduc.

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