Annapurna Interactive announces intriguing Neon White on Switch and Steam

Far from the peaceful and cerebral side of Donut County, Neon White is presented as an action game in first-person view already showing a certain nervousness. The game features White, an assassin called in from hell to confront other demon slayers and thus obtain a ticket that would allow him to stay in Heaven. But the other assassins in question seem familiar to him, to the point of having perhaps met them in another life.

The trailer shows that we can follow a plot in the format visual novel, but we are also waiting to learn more about how this gameplay based on collecting soul cards, which are needed to attack enemies but can also be discarded to use single hits. The game emphasizes the quest for performance, all based on the discovery of shortcuts thanks to the right combinations of cards.

Note that the musical atmosphere is provided by Machine Girl, an electronic music duo that seems to have its followers, judging by the reactions on the channel YouTube Annapurna Interactive, which promises a release “soon” sur Switch et Steam.

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