Anne Hidalgo put under pressure on the arming of her future municipal police

“It’s a historic step,” rejoiced Anne Hidalgo. As part of the examination of the “global security” bill, the deputies were preparing to lift the last brakes this Wednesday evening on the arrival, next year, of a municipal police in Paris, the only French city. of more than 10,000 inhabitants with Brest not to have it.

Long opposed to the creation of such a body before rallying to it in 2018, the mayor (PS) of Paris had made it a campaign promise. “Historic”, echo his Macronist and right-wing opponents, who welcome this turning point. But almost immediately to worry that future agents, who will number 5,000 by 2024, will not carry lethal weapons, but tonfa-type batons, tear gas canisters and bulletproof vests.

“Irresponsible”, judge Rachida Dati

Clearly insufficient in view of the terrorist threat and the security context of recent weeks, judges the deputy (LREM) of Paris Sylvain Maillard. “I appeal to the mayor’s responsibility,” he says. We must protect those who protect us by arming them. If they find themselves facing terrorists or organized crime, it will be difficult for them to defend themselves with batons ”. Co-rapporteur of the “global security” bill, the deputy LREM and former boss of the Raid Jean-Michel Fauvergue also warned Anne Hidalgo who remains adamant on the subject. “It’s a mistake, but it will be his responsibility” he warned on RTL.

“Irresponsible” also thunders Rachida Dati, mayor (LR) of the 7th arrondissement and former candidate for mayor of Paris, for whom “Anne Hidalgo is in an ideological and electoral position, hostage of her Green partners”, reluctant to the very creation of ‘a municipal police. And the former Minister of Justice to ask “that the State can remedy this deficiency and force it to arm the municipal police”, which the government refuses.

Initially in favor of training in the arming of municipal police officers, the deputy (Agir) of Paris Pierre-Yves Bournazel wishes the debate to continue within the Council of Paris. “Anne Hidalgo was elected by the Parisians and I respect the democratic fact, but I think that she can evolve on the issue, that we can convince her”, he believes.

“No confusion of roles”, responds the Hidalgo team

The fact remains that at the Town Hall, a model based on the “complementarity” between national police and municipal police is staunchly defended. “Our police officers will not be called in first intervention on terrorist acts or robberies which fall under the national police force and its specialized services, assures Nicolas Nordman, assistant to the security of Anne Hidalgo. And equipping them with lethal weapons is not useful within the framework of the missions of presence in the street, of proximity mediation and of verbalizing the incivilities which will be theirs ”.

The deputy claims “a model completely different from that of Nice”, a city where six municipal police officers intervened to control the terrorist of Notre-Dame basilica, on October 29 “We do not want to be in the confusion of roles. In Nice, I notice that this resulted in a very significant disengagement of the national police. This heavy fire from opponents on the arming of Parisian municipal police finally questions the elected official. “In this escalation, there may be a desire to discredit us and minimize this considerable change which will be credited to Anne Hidalgo. This is a mistake: we will have a real municipal police force which will allow us to improve the security of Parisians. “

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