Anne Sila touches victory with her fingertips

No guitar riff, no percussion on the horizon. In front of the studio The Voice, on the eve of
the final, it is rather the noises of a drill that are heard. Perched on a stepladder, a technician is busy around a structure. It will be used for the collegiate church that will be interpreted by the candidates at the opening of this final bonus of the season. A few minutes later, the decor is brought to the set while the six singers wait in the stands. “Watch out for the dresses, pull up the trains well so they don’t get caught with the heels,” we ask the three women when the time comes to take to the stage.

Among them, Anne Sila climbs on the scaffolding which is reminiscent of the trailer that teased the arrival of the program this summer. At three meters high, the finalist takes again, with her comrades, a victorious song of Eurovision. It is only noon and the day is far from over for the one competing alongside Florent Pagny.

Crescendo service

After a meal break and several hours of waiting, Anne Sila joins the set at 4 p.m. while Manon rehearses the duet that she will perform with a star of the song. Wrapped up in her plaid, the candidate carefully watches the performance of the young woman. Ten minutes pass. “Anne, you can sit on stage, thank you very much”, we ask her while she is waiting in the chair.

The first musical notes resound. His face is turned to the ground. At first angelic, her voice turns out to be more powerful than ever over the seconds, alternating between bass and treble. Applause from the technical team concludes the performance which it seems deserves some tweaking. With a vocal coach, Anne Sila reviews the highlights of the song. Just two repetitions are enough to conclude that everything is perfect. “It’s creepy because it’s not my register,” she comments to 20 Minutes. It is not I loved you, I love you and I will love you. It’s something else, a little more rock. But it also amused me… At the point where we are, we can take risks! “

“I was persuaded to leave”

“A little tired”, Anne Sila does her utmost to preserve her voice that the public seems to appreciate so much. A week ago, she offered a show of strength by winning against Flo Malley and Gjon’s Tears with 78% of the vote. “To tell the truth, I don’t really believe it,” she laughs. I was convinced to leave. Because between Gjon’s and Flo, it was really a battle of death. When I saw the percentage, it surprised me. “

Seen as the big favorite of this season, the candidate pays attention to this label that we had already glued to him when she participated in the fourth season of The Voice. “We must not disappoint people. That’s what’s hard, I think. We must ensure. Until the end, we have to tell ourselves that we do not know, ”says the one whose goal is to deliver the best possible services.

On the set of the show, while waiting for the technicians to install the sets, we can feel the group of six accomplice candidates. “What is different is that here we are all aware of what is happening so we were all united from the start”, comments Anne Sila.

One million views for I come back for you

Even if the fateful hour arrives, the competition does not seem to interfere between the finalists. The pressure, on the other hand, is always felt. “The last final, I was in critical condition. There, I am afraid but I am so grateful to be there that I tell myself that I do not care, we are going to do it ”, launches like a war cry the one who had revealed in her portrait that The Voice had saved his life.

On the occasion of the broadcast of her blind hearing last September, Anne Sila took over I come back for you in the studio.
The clip, unveiled on YouTube, has exceeded one million views. After the release of a new single, Even if it hurts with Matt Simons, the singer will launch her album next Friday, October 29. If we do not yet know if this is the album of maturity, we will soon find out if it will be the record of victory.

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