Annecy 2020: exclusive images from the promising “Maman pleut des cordes”

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The Annecy Festival, whose very particular and rather successful 2020 edition ends today (read my review here), was marked by a selection of productions for television of great artistic and narrative ambition. Good news as there is still and always a need to fight against the sanitization of youth programs.

The prize list is the perfect illustration, with in particular Choum’s Odyssey, by Julien Bisaro, who obtains the category Crystal, but also the deliciously old-fashioned Tiger who invited himself for tea (to see in full on the France Télé site), or even the amazing Undone, adult series in which animation acts as a filter to a fantasized reality.

And the future looks rich in exciting programs, notably on France Télévisions, but also on Canal +. Was thus presented in “Work in progress”, presentation of a project in production, the very promising Mom is raining ropes, directed by Hugo de Faucompret and produced by Laïdak films and Dandeloo. The encrypted channel must broadcast at Christmas, before a distribution in theaters at the end of 2021 and a rebroadcast on France Télé, for the holidays of end of year 2022.

Like The good life, luminous “special” evoking the work of mourning for a little girl whose parents died during the Paris attacks, Mom is raining ropes tackles another delicate theme: the depression of a parent, the mother of Jeanne, 8 years old, who decides to send her daughter to spend the Christmas holidays at her Mémé Oignon’s.

Obviously, this does not please Jeanne, a little girl with a strong character convinced that she will be bored in it. The following, which imprints the figures of the tale, will prove him the opposite…

Here is the trailer followed by exclusive (not final) images taken from the Annecy 2020 presentation:

With a distribution of three-star “voices” (Yolande Moreau, Céline Salette and Arthur H), the film promises to be a tender family chronicle portrayed with delicacy and care, just like the sets, all painted by hand. A kind of ” Normandy idealized with lots of fir trees“, As the interior designers sum up in the presentation video.

We find there the pictorial leg that Hugo de Faucompret had developed in his first professional film after the Gobelins school: fall, beautiful adaptation of a poem by Appolinaire, for the collection Leaving school. Very steeped in the Ghibli aesthetic (autumn brings to mind the Deer God of Princess Mononke, by Hayao Miyazaki), the young director deploys an animation as lively as a wisp and pays a vibrant tribute to nature.

Mom is raining ropes is also a pretty portrait of women, three different generations, the mother, the daughter and the grandmother who try to help themselves as they can. The notion of sharing seems central to it, through the character of Cloclo, a kind and homeless ogre.

And to make matters worse, the soundtrack is signed Pablo Pico, the brilliant composer of Marona’s extraordinary journey, who married instrumental music and nature sounds, in a slightly crazy farandole.

Stéphane Dreyfus

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