Annie organizes the first wig closing concert.

Annie organizes the first wig closing concert. that is compared to the radius of loudness So invaded and arrived at the drama Mo Lam Summer at 8:30 p.m. on Channel 7.

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Channel 3


evil ancestor

8:30 p.m. evil ancestor tham tell Neeraphat that he had found the middleman that everyone was looking for but still can’t tell Neeraphat because there is no information to confirm therefore asked her to be more eyes and ears


good life

23.00 good life Mick Boromwut will take you to get to know Bobby Narinpat A talented person who lives through many monsoons, nicknamed Mae Bob Yan, Mae Station Another inspirational online coach.

Channel 7HD


Golden Star Junction

12.45 Golden Star Junction Zack Chum Phae Serve a fun concert then open the herbal dungeon Trikelamas

6:45 p.m. Shopee 7.7 Game Giveaway Millions Enjoy again with the special game show. This time, the entertainment was delivered in a marathon theme. Raise the fun procession led by the stars of athletics Idol girl group butter and Nam Nueng BNK strengthens the brutal force. It’s funny with Boss Chanakan, Rasamekhae, Tak Boriboon. and Jack Chalermpol with a duel Ready to raise the level of entertainment with a special singing show Organize a big surprise with prizes worth more than 7 million. There are special codes distributed throughout the program.

8:30 p.m. Mo Lam Summer Annie Organized the first closed-wig concert Preme Know about the rage that is compared to the radius of loudness So invaded the work When I saw Annie’s posters all over the place in Ubon Ratchathani So angry and cut the sign. and then invaded the event to trick Annie out to find and then kidnapped him into the car. because I don’t want Annie to show up enough Satya Knowing about it, they hurried out to find them until they found Annie and Preem being pulled over by a strong man. I went to help allowing Annie to return to the concert in time

Channel MONO 29


single breed, boiling breed

10.50 a.m. The story of “Brick Mansions” (Brick Mansions) the story of Damian A police officer who has to disguise himself into a criminal community. Brick Mansions to find a nuclear warhead stolen by drug cartels Damian need help from Lino A local who knows the inner path better than anyone. to help him break through the criminal underworld and bring the warhead back safely. with the most dangerous paguar


Miami Heat

8:35 p.m. Miami Vice (Miami Vice) The story of two police detectives. croquette and Tubs to operate in a way that breaks the rules to defend the law and defeat the gangsters like the big drug dealers in Miami. A city with beautiful beaches, stylish society, and top-tier crime.


last army base The germs hit the world

11:05 p.m. The last base series The germs hit the world year 5, episode 6 (The Last Ship Season 5 EP.6) It’s time Nathan James Need help from a famous rebel leader. to create a theatrical space before attacking yourself They tried to buy the vel from the crew. Had to lose more lives. by living in darkness Lightning strikes the enemy at night.

PPTV channel


Busy love reporters.

9:40 p.m. Busy love reporters. Mr. Chansongklod Meeting to change the CEO of SKTV by dismissing Somkid and became the new executive chairman of SKTV station Thon has asked Khun Chan to chase power leaving, causing the power to cry very sad In addition, Khun Chan has taken Somkid’s office as his own.

True Visions Channel


Love turantee

8:30 p.m. Love turantee lion Revealing the secret to first love planning to get married

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