“Anniversary of the outbreak of violence”: the sayings of UDI deputies one year from October 18 | National

Parliamentarians of the UDI reflected this weekend on the anniversary of the Social Outbreak that occurred on October 18, 2019.

The deputies Jorge Alessandri, Sergio Bobadilla and Gustavo Sanhueza expressed their rejection of said day, which they called the “anniversary of the outbreak of violence” or “the night when once again the right naively fell into the trap of the left” .

A diametrically different speech from that of his opponents in the opposition, who highlighted the date, noting that it marks the beginning of a necessary change for the country.

According to Bobadilla and Sanhueza, since last October 18, “the country fell into a spiral of decline, where the left again managed to establish that a pack of criminals are heroes and that Carabineors are the murderers, where they want to deliver compensation to law by law. all the ‘heroes’ of the first line, as well as they did with the false exonerated ”.

“What must be done at this time is to empower our police and Armed Forces, to regain order and tranquility in our streets. And those who don’t like it, let them go to Venezuela, ”Bobadilla and Sanhueza closed.

Meanwhile, Alessandri specified that “this is the first anniversary of the outbreak of violence, the burning of the subway stations, the destruction, vandalism, hundreds of commercial premises that were left without work, the destruction of lights, of the burning of buildings in central places in regional capitals ”.

“It is not the anniversary of the massive social demonstration of October 25, it is important that we can differentiate these two milestones”added.

“When the anniversary of that second milestone arrives, of that massive march on October 25, obviously we can validate the peaceful social march, the one that contributes, the one that gives proposals, those that give ideas,” he concluded.


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