Announced “Autonauts vs Piratebots”, a base defense automation sim. Program the robot and handle everything from resource acquisition to construction and battle automatically –AUTOMATON

Publisher Curve Games announced on May 26th that the base defense automation simulation game “Autonauts vs Piratebots“announced. The supported platform is PC (Steam), which will be delivered this summer. According to the Steam store page, the in-game will support Japanese display.

Autonauts vs Piratebots is a sequel to Autonauts, released in 2019 by developer Denki. The previous work is a simulation game where you acquire resources on an undeveloped planet, do all kinds of work such as architecture, agriculture, livestock, and cooking, and develop settlements. If we develop Autonauts, which is a work robot, it is a feature that various work processes can be automated by programs.

The purpose of this work is to defend the settlements thus constructed by Autonauts. This is because a predatory robot led by space pirates has appeared and has begun to attack the settlement. In defense operations, you will farm, earn money, acquire natural resources, and create tools and machines.

And even in this work, it is said that all work can be done by Autonauts and automated. In the previous work, using a visual programming language that even inexperienced programming users can easily handle, it was possible to give detailed instructions on work contents and action conditions. Perhaps the system is inherited.


Regarding programming, it is said that this work will also make full use of tactical combat programs. It trains the working robot Autonauts to become a defensive robot such as a warrior, archer, or knight, and orders it to confront the looting robot. Details of the gameplay of the battle part have not been revealed yet, but it will be RTS style. We will prepare for the attack while constructing strong walls and armed towers.

It is said that the looting robots will attack regularly as the settlements are converted into bases and further developed. It will also be important to have Autonauts patrol in order to detect such movements. By rejecting the attack, the boss will soon appear. Finally, we aim to launch a total attack on the fortress of space pirates.

『Autonauts vs Piratebots』は、PC(Steam) Will be delivered this summer.

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