Announced Stranded: Alien Dawn, a simulation and planetary survival game

Publisher Frontier Foundry and development studio Haemimont Games have announced their new planetary survival and simulation video game during the Opening Night Live. Is about Stranded: Alien Dawna title that will launch in early access for PC (Steam) in October of this year. Its developers promise to offer multiple tools to the player so that he can forge his story through a strategic and involving title in which important decisions must be made to protect survivors from famine, disease, inclement weather, and other dangers.

Stranded: Alien Dawn It will allow us to carry out a varied selection of tasks to ensure the survival of our group: manage the needs, health and happiness of the survivors; build and evolve the base, including new defense measures; plant, cultivate, harvest and hunt to accumulate useful resources; and provide heat, light and much more. Do not be overwhelmed by this number of systems, since those responsible point out that the title has a comprehensive built-in tutorial system to learn all their game mechanics.

Key Features of Stranded: Alien Dawn

  • An unforgiving world: the game takes you and your survivors to the limit. Limited resources, unpredictable weather, disease, and hostile alien creatures make it difficult to gain a foothold in an unforgiving world. The next challenge is never far away, and it requires building an increasingly robust base using advanced resources and improved defenses.
  • Stranded Survivors: ensure the physical and mental well-being of your party by providing weapons, medicine, and much-needed entertainment. Each Survivor has a unique backstory, varying skill levels in key abilities, and positive and negative traits.
  • An unpredictable journey: each game is unique. Experience a journey fueled by random story events, threats from alien wildlife, and adverse weather. There will be setbacks; design your own innovative solutions to problems and manage multiple crises at the same time. However, actions have consequences, and as you struggle to plan, you must make tough decisions to shape your survivors’ story, balancing short-term and long-term results with risk and reward.
  • Construction of modular bases: Design and build your base on an alien world and transform it from a simple shelter to a high-tech outpost. Protect it with perimeter defenses, decorate it with furniture, introduce automated devices like defensive turrets, and discover new technologies to create your own functional space platform.

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