Announcer Kim Soo-min apologizes for ‘Penthouse’ spoilers… “Sorry for disappointing the drama”

▲ Announcer Kim Soo-min (Source = Instagram)

SBS announcer Kim Soo-min apologized for spoilers in the past ‘Penthouse’.

On the 30th, announcer Kim Soo-min apologized, saying, “I will be more careful in the future,” saying, “I was always heavy because my carelessness put pressure on the drama last January.”

Previously, announcer Kim Soo-min sparked controversy by spoiling the script for season 2 of the SBS drama ‘Penthouse’ in a vlog released in January. At that time, Kim Soo-min quickly edited the script rehearsal, but as subscribers slowly re-edited it, it was revealed that the content was the decisive content of the drama.

At that time, announcer Kim Soo-min took measures such as deleting all of the video, but he was criticized for not making an official apology.

Regarding this, announcer Kim Soo-min said, “At the time, I personally apologized to the writer and other drama officials, and thankfully, everyone kindly understood my mistake. It’s late, but I apologize once again for my carelessness.”

Announcer Kim Soo-min decided to resign last May and submitted a resignation letter. As a result, his retirement was confirmed on June 30, and he apologized for his mistakes in January along with his retirement.

Announcer Kim Soo-min said, “It was a very happy time just being able to do what I dreamed of. I learned a lot from the first organization in my life, and I met a lot of good connections.” He said, “I want to grow into a better adult and a person needed by society by using the three years here as nourishment.”

Meanwhile, announcer Kim Soo-min was born in 1997 and is 25 years old this year. While attending Korea National University of Arts, in 2018, he joined SBS as an open recruitment announcer and was active. In particular, announcer Kim Soo-min, who was 21 years old at the time of joining the company, was the youngest announcer in SBS history and collected topics.


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