Announcing the benefits of watching CoD League, which gives you an early access code for the “Modern Warfare II” open beta, broadcast on August 7 «doope! Domestic and international game information sites

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” introduced the topic of the open beta test posted on Amazon the other day, but while the follow-up report is awaited, the new Call of Duty League opens “Modern Warfare II” Announcing the viewing benefits of the league where the beta early access code wins by lottery. A broadcast starting on August 7, local time, revealed that about 50,000 codes are planned to be distributed.

This is for broadcast viewers or event attendees of the Call of Duty League Championship starting August 4th, local time, with different perks every day from day one, as well as August 7th.[日]An open beta code will be randomly distributed as a viewing privilege (* for viewing for 1 hour or more) on the final day of the championship starting at 11:30 am PT (3:30 am on August 8, Japan time). Will be done. (Reference: By broadcast dateBenefit list

To get the benefits, you can get the benefits from your Activision account and YouTube account.LinkingIs required, and the benefits are leagueOfficial siteAlternatively, it is available via the CoD Champion App.

The distribution of benefits including the beta code is also targeted for viewing in Japan, so if you are interested in the latest work, why not check the schedule in advance.

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