another 118 Covid-19 patients hospitalized at the CHR de la Citadelle in Liège, “We are still in an acute crisis situation”

The Citadel CHR adds that Covid-19 patients have been treated there without interruption since March 6. Indeed, even during the summer, between four and five patients, on average, were hospitalized there.

At the peak of the second wave (early November), seven Covid rooms, excluding intensive care, were deployed at the CHR de la Citadelle against five during the first wave. During this week from November 16 to 20, two theaters have closed and a third should follow this Monday, November 23.

“The intensive care units faced unprecedented pressure during this second wave. At its peak, the two rooms jointly managed 38 Covid-19 patients, mostly on a ventilator and / or intubated. At the beginning of April, the peak of the first wave was reached with 22 people infected with Covid-19 in intensive care, ”notes the Liège hospital.

Another figure to pinpoint is the number of patients who have been transferred to nursing homes where they have been able to complete their convalescence. Or 41 patients. The CHR specifies that none had to be rehospitalized and that several of them returned to their homes. There are also 50 Covid-19 patients requiring intensive care who have been transferred by the Satmu (Urgent Medical Transfer Ambulance Service), since September 1, to other hospitals in the province, others provinces and even outside the country (to Germany).

As for emergencies, there has been a significant reduction in the number of admissions, an average of 117 daily during the first wave and 147 since October, while this average is 240 in normal times. “We can be happy about it but also worry about it because it is feared that people did not come forward for fear of Covid-19”.

Finally, over the past eight months, Labo Cita has analyzed nearly 115,000 PCR tests from the Vottem drive, the hospital and partners.


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