another African American inmate complaining of not being able to breathe

Video images released this Saturday by CNN television show a black prisoner in the United States complaining of not being able to breathe, while being served by five officials prison and a nurse, before dying in a hospital.

In the recording, 56-year-old John Elliott Neville can be seen repeatedly saying “I can’t breathe”, the same phrase he uttered at the end of May. another African American, George Floyd, in Minneapolis before he died of suffocation when he was stopped by a white policeman. Floyd’s death triggered a wave of protests and riots in several cities in the United States, which lasted for weeks.

Cell transfer

During the around 45 minutes of recordings made with the agents’ body and usual cameras on December 2, the day after his arrest, Neville is seen disoriented and having trouble breathing, held by the five officials who transferred him out of his cell.

At first, the agents ask him to lie down and notify him that he has just suffered seizures, and then transfer him from a cell. Neville complains and says, “Let me go” and “Help me.” One of the officials points out, “John, listen to me. You have a medical problem. You need to calm down.” However the prisoner screams and tries to get away: “Let me go, Let me go. Wave your hands, lift me up. Come on!” Following this event, Neville was left unconscious and later died in a hospital.

All five prison officers and the nurse have been charged with manslaughter by Forsyth County District Attorney Jim O’Neill and have been laid off from their jobs.


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