Another benchmark – Rendi-Wagner and her new relationship with the FPÖ

Yes, the “Vranitzy Doctrine”, an upright decision from 1986, according to which the SPÖ excludes a joint government with the FPÖ at the federal level, no longer applies, some social democrats wondered. And this question was now also put to Rendi-Wagner in the political talk “Club 3”. The Vranitzky doctrine “no longer applies as such,” says Rendi-Wagner, who refers to the catalog of values ​​of social democracy, a more recent party congress resolution. “The catalog of values ​​is the latest party congress resolution and stands above the upright resolution (the Vranitzky Doctrine, note).” This is “a new tool, a new yardstick for how we will evaluate coalition partners of the future politically.”

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