Another Bolsonaro own goal: he celebrated Palmeiras triumph as deaths from the pandemic increase in Brazil

Criticism once again raged in Brazil against President Jair Bolsonaro, increasing his steady decline in popularity. And it is that last Saturday that that country exceeded 100,000 deaths caused by covid-19 and three million infections due to the coronavirus pandemic, the questioned president chose to celebrate on social networks the victory of Palmeiras in the Paulista Championship of soccer.

The simple gesture of joining in the joy for a victory in football, which is almost a “religion” for Brazilians, meant another barrage of disqualifications on social networks.

The Special Secretariat for Social Communication of the Presidency of the Republic published a series of messages on Twitter – shared by the president on his networks – in which he positively highlights some data from the pandemic, emphasizing the expression “see the glass half full ”.

Meanwhile, closer to the dramatic reality of the country, the other powers such as the Supreme Federal Court, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, they decreed, for their part, official mourning in memory of the victims.

“There are many figures that give us hope,” wrote the Government in the Secom account. Incidentally, the official body limited itself to saying that it regretted “each of the victims of covid-19 and all other diseases.” However, Bolsonaro’s indices in the polls continue to decline …


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