Another wave of “Ultramarine Blue”! MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine All-round thin and light business monitor test

It is not difficult to find that MSI has made great efforts in the field of business applications in recent years, and its products not only focus on the actual needs of business people, but also emphasize the uniqueness of appearance design. For example, the Modern business monitor that has been well received by the market is named The simple and stylish style breaks the stereotype that most commercial monitors can only take a low-key and steady route. In addition, MSI Modern business monitors also continue to make changes in color matching, not only launching the all-black common business models, but also high-value all-white models, bringing more choices for business people.

In the first quarter of this year, the MSI Modern series of business monitors launched a 24-inch monitor in ultramarine blue, “Modern MD241P Ultramarine”, which has never been seen before in the market in a limited edition. The original simple lines of the series of monitors are perfectly matched with the appearance, and they caused a sensation when they were launched, setting a new model for the appearance of commercial monitors.

And this wave of “ultramarine blue” has recently set off again! At the end of November, MSI launched the “Modern MD272QP Ultramarine” ultramarine blue 27-inch monitor with a larger display size. The resolution has been upgraded to WQHD in one fell swoop, which further enhances the user experience of the 27-inch large screen. Work area.

MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine Features preview

  • Won the German Red Dot Design Award 2021
  • The unique “Ultramarine Blue” color scheme presents the natural pigment color of Medieval Renaissance paintings
  • Equipped with a 27-inch IPS panel with a resolution of WQHD (2560 X 1440 px)
  • Provides an eye-friendly display effect through the flicker-free screen, blue light reduction PRO technology and 75Hz refresh rate
  • Passed the TÜV Rheinland eye protection certification to ensure the most comfortable viewing experience for users
  • Tool-free assembly design, supports VESA wall mount
  • Ergonomic tripod design, can freely adjust the monitor tilt angle, height position, left and right steering
  • The monitor supports 90-degree to portrait screen use
  • Provides HDMI, DisplayPort and USB C input ports (supports 65W charging power, which can provide fast charging for mobile phones or laptops), and supports KVM function
  • Built-in dual 2W speakers, no need for external speakers
  • The original factory exclusively provides MSI Productivity Intelligence (PI Intellectual Performance) software, bringing more practical functions

The perfect combination of unique ultramarine blue and simple appearance

Compared with the “black or white” appearance of general commercial monitors, MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine with “ultramarine blue” color matching can be said to be quite unique in the market at present, but its color is not a sensational appearance style, but More emphasis is placed on presenting a detailed aesthetic feeling. The color of ultramarine blue is derived from the common painting pigments of the Renaissance, so we can see that Modern MD272QP Ultramarine not only has a visual atmosphere full of unity, but also the metallic luster on the surface of the fuselage and the gradual transition under different angles of light are perfect. .

MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine adopts the eye-catching

The square base design allows large-size monitors to be placed firmly on the desktop, and at the same time provides the function of rotating the viewing angle left and right.

The lower edge of the display is equipped with a five-button OSD control interface, and corresponding icons are embossed on each control function.

The back of the fuselage is also a whole piece of ultramarine blue, showing a mysterious and charming metallic luster under the light.

The connection between the display and the bracket is designed in a round shape, and the tenon-type fixing method can easily complete the installation without using any tools.

Various connection ports are planned at the bottom of the monitor, including power interface, HDMI port, DisplayPort, USB Type-C, 3.5 mm audio output, USB Type-B and two sets of USB 2.0 (Type-A) ports.

The bracket is also thoughtfully designed with a whole wire clip mechanism that facilitates fixing the wires.

In addition to the unique color, Modern MD272QP Ultramarine also continues the minimalist fashion style of MSI Modern commercial monitor series. The combination of neat body lines, cylindrical stand and square base not only successfully makes the whole machine more visually It is elegant and outstanding, but also practical. The three-sided narrow frame design maximizes the viewing range of the display panel. The assembly of the stand and the display is also designed without tools, which greatly improves the convenience of use.

The monitor supports a maximum rotation range of 30 degrees left and right.

The display can be adjusted vertically up to 110 mm.

When in use, the angle of view can be flexibly adjusted according to actual needs (backward tilt 5 degrees, forward tilt 20 degrees).

The stand on the Modern MD272QP Ultramarine is ergonomically designed. In addition to freely adjusting the front and rear tilt angles, height position, and left and right tilt angles, it also supports a 90-degree vertical rotation function, which further enhances the flexibility of daily use, such as the need to deal with a lot of documents. , or in the context of writing code.

In addition to adopting the basic landscape mode, MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine also supports rotating 90 degrees to become a portrait mode.

MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine supports USB Type-C connection, and the supported notebook devices can output video images with a single cable and provide 65W fast charging efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that the Modern MD272QP Ultramarine is also quite complete in the configuration of the connection port. In addition to the basic HDMI, it also simultaneously provides DisplayPort and USB Type-C ports as video inputs, and there is also a USB Type-B port that can be used as a computer connection. It also provides two additional sets of USB Type-A ports, which can also be used with the keyboard and mouse to enable the KVM function for cross-computer control, bringing more convenient functionality.

OSD The menu has been revised, and the software functions are more practical

Compared with the previous simple OSD menu of Modern commercial monitors, Modern MD272QP Ultramarine has upgraded to the double-column design consistent with MSI gaming monitors. In addition to viewing the current display status at a glance, users can also quickly switch between different menus through the menu on the left column. The setting function improves the efficiency of adjusting settings. In addition, the Modern MD272QP Ultramarine can also be used with the original software tools provided by MSI to extend more application functions. In addition to the familiar Display Kit, the new MSI Productivity Intelligence (PI) tool is also easier to use.

The OSD menu of MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine has evolved into a dual-column design with clearer display and faster function setting.

MSI Display Kit tools can be supported to bring more functions.

The new MSI Productivity Intelligence (PI Intellectual Performance) tool can also bring more convenience to the adjustment and application of the display.

Summary: Business application functions are complete, and the outstanding appearance adds highlights to the office field

Whether it is appearance or functional specifications, MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine continues the consistent advantages of the series, including simple and stylish appearance and practical specifications, and the display technology has also been improved, such as the “eye protection” function in addition to the original In addition to anti-flicker, anti-glare and TÜV Rheinland certification, it has also added the “Blue Light Reduction PRO” technology that is both eye-protecting and color-shift-free. It also has the support of a new version of the OSD menu and MSI Productivity Intelligence tools; in addition, it also has HDMI , DisplayPort and USB Type-C three different types of video input ports, as well as the practical KVM function, all bring more convenience to the Modern MD272QP Ultramarine.

The unique ultramarine blue color scheme makes people fall in love with it at a glance.

Modern MD272QP Ultramarine also pays great attention to small details, such as the tool-free installation design of the monitor body and stand, which is very considerate. The ergonomic stand design also maximizes the application flexibility, and the placement position and angle are more unlimited. , not to mention that it supports 90-degree rotation and vertical display, which also meets the needs of some specific users.

Another wave of

On the whole, Modern MD272QP Ultramarine not only gathers the specifications and functions that business people pay special attention to when choosing monitors, but also further satisfies consumers’ pursuit of taste in terms of appearance, especially the “Ultramarine Blue” that successfully displayed a unique limited edition It once again demonstrates the “technological aesthetics” thinking that MSI has emphasized in recent years, so that technology products can get rid of the cold and hard-line feeling, and add color to the office, business field or home space.

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