Anson Lo was carried away after showing stomach cramps: Sister Hua: It hurts so hard

Anson Lo and Xinyi jointly performed the “Lakuo Concert God の Lakuo” concert tonight (13th). As the first performance of the regroup, Anson Lo was in a brave state on stage, dancing for half an hour.

Anson Lo is in a brave state. In addition to dancing and singing “King Kong”, “Megahit” and “Sing This Song”, he also sang slow songs such as “Goddess” and “Xi Tie Street” with Xinyi. (Photo by Liang Biling)

However, after the show, he and Xinyi were originally scheduled to go backstage for an interview, but Xinyi said that he was so powerful that Anson Lo had a stomachache.

When Xin Yi sang “We”, the audience raised their mobile phone lights, and the scene was spectacular (photo by Liang Biling)

Afterwards, a 10-second clip circulated on the Internet, showing that Anson. Lo was still wearing a red singing shirt, but he was weak and was helped away from the scene by two members of the St. John Ambulance Team.

Anson Lo’s malaise (online pictures)

When Ms. Hua accepted media inquiries, she confirmed that the person who was carried off the stage in the clip was Anson Lo. “Just after Lo stepped off the stage after the performance, he had stomach cramps and the pain was so hard that he needed the help of first aid to carry him into the room. She really wanted to I went out (for an interview), but because things didn’t go well for a long time, I decided to send him back home first. Let’s see how he hears today.”

Click to see Anson Lo being carried out:

Click to watch the “Lakuo Concert God の Lakuo” concert photos:

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