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The “Guru” officially left the factory today, (photo by Ye Zhiming)

Anson Lo released a brand new single “Megahit” last month. The god disciple has invested in global cheering. In addition to mobile cheering cars and bus stations in Hong Kong, Luminous Buses also appeared today.

The words Anson Lo and Megahit on the body will be illuminated. (Photo by Ye Zhiming)

The Fan Club rented the No. 7 bus from Tsim Sha Tsui to Lok Fu. In addition to being 7 times of special significance to the leader and gods, it is also because “Megahit” is the leader’s seventh single. In addition to the photos of Anson Lo’s pretty boy on the body of the master bus, “Megahit” promotional photos are all posted inside the carriage, on the stairs, behind the seats, and next to the air-conditioning outlet. The MV will also be broadcast on the bus, which is very suitable for punching in.

Bus No. 7 will start from tomorrow (No. 16) in Lok Fu and Tsim Sha Tsui. (Photo by Ye Zhiming)

In addition, the words “Anson Lo” and “Megahit” on the outside of the car body will also be illuminated. Annie, the head of the support club, said: “This time we use the latest bus design. The bus stop is about 6 digits. For the time being, no artist has left the advertisement on the luminous bus. I hope everyone likes to check in.” Annie explained that the luminous bus was chosen because Anson Lo mentioned that there is light. The stage, so I applied his idea to the bus, and said: “As long as there is light, it is the stage.”

Watch and bury more “Guru” carefully

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