News Ansu Fati extends his contract with Barça

Ansu Fati extends his contract with Barça


Ansu Fati goes the way of Lionel Messi At least, in two aspects: precocity to succeed and the frequency in renovations of contract.

The young Barca talent, which last October 30 fulfilled 17 years and there was debuted with the first team of Barça, has just signed a new commitment with the club, although it had already been extended last summer. Twice, once in July and once in September. Now, when winter comes, he receives another boost with a third drafted That basically changes economic conditions. Improving them, of course. AND shielding its continuity.

100 to 170 and 400

Fati's contract was valid until 2022 and was extendable for two more seasons (2024). The clause was 100 million euros. The new clause is increased to 170 million, with the intention of being a prohibitive amount for any club in the world. Although in the last campaigns the 100 million mark has been transferred several times to sign a player. Barça, in particular, has done it three times: Ousmane Dembélé (105 plus 40 in variables), Philippe Coutinho (120 plus 40 in variables) and Antoine Griezmann (120 + 15 in scoring options).

In view of the fact that the economic value from Fati to his sports progression and the fear that causes someone to take him, the clause has already been established when he signs a professional contract: 400 million. There is still no date for that future document nor are the economic conditions of the record, which has also increased in this visit to the club offices.

Vertiginous beginnings

Although the forward of Guinea Bissau has lost prominence in the first team in recent weeks, with the recovery of the injured, Barça has not lost confidence in Fati. Not even the faith that the Lionel Messi of the future can be – or something similar -, also in the football field. Messi just won the sixth Golden Ball, a unique milestone in the history of football.

The beginnings of Fati have been equally vertiginous than those of the admired Argentine. Juice six of the first seven games (without finishing any) and scored two goals. An injury separated him from the circulation. Since then, there have only been five appearances.

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The photo with Bartomeu

At least, Fati, in his third photograph signing a contract, has already posed with Josep Maria Bartomeu, President. In the previous ones, he appeared with Silvio Elías, the head of football.

The two were portrayed with the African striker in the presidential office, summarizing the federative condition that Fati still has: he has youth leave, without occupying any of the 22 of Barça B, and none of those of the first team, fully available to be with the professionals and to be able to return to the lower categories if they need it. What has not occurred. Nor is it contemplated to be produced. The idea is that Valverde protects his progression and molds him to be useful.

The other thread of relationship with Messi lies in the identity of the Fati's representative: is Rodrigo, Leo's brother.

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