ANSWERED Mystery Zainah Gives Birth Without Feeling The Relationship Of Husband And Wife, This Figure Is The Key To The Opening Screen

TRIBUNNEWSMAKER.COM – Answered already a puzzle Siti Zainah | give birth without feeling married to husband and wife, this figure is the main key to opening the veil of mystery.

Riddle recognition Siti Zainah |, the widow of Cianjur confess give birth without getting pregnant began to unfold.

Previous Siti Zainah | which has been give birth baby girls this confesses status widow.

This 25 year old widow said himself pregnant just a few hours after that give birth to a baby without a husband.

Despite so, the police are still on the hunt for men who have impregnated Siti Zainah |.

On Wednesday yesterday, Siti Zainah was surprised to give birth baby girl with normal weight.

The widow of one child admitted that she only felt pregnant for 1 hour.

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A young mother in Cianjur Regency, West Java, gave birth after 1 hour before experiencing pregnancy. (Tribunnews)

Her stomach was not distended, and menstruation was still on take place normally every month.

But when it comes to giving birth, Siti Zainah had felt something odd.

Namely, like the sound of the wind coming in into her womb.

Shortly after that, Siti Zainah admitted her stomach suddenly bloated.

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