Anthem: Is something still going on? That says BioWare

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Anthem still exists, but has a shadowy existence. A major overhaul should make the game better. But when does it happen? BioWare has commented on this again.

Lots of bugs, hardly any missions, bad loot: from the start, the action RPG Anthem had to deal with big problems. Months ago, BioWare announced that it was aiming for a comprehensive overhaul of the game. But when does it happen? The Studio Director of BioWare Austin has now taken a position on this.

Christian Dailey heads a team of around 30 people who are currently working on Anthem. In a blog entry on the official BioWare website, he explains that the team is starting from scratch and looking at which points in Anthem are particularly problematic. This conceptual and experimental phase will take some time, Dailey said. However, you want to remain as transparent as possible and regularly inform the players about the state of affairs. In addition to blog entries, videos and livestreams are also under discussion.

After this statement, it is clear that Anthem will continue. But the when and how remains open. Casey Hudson, General Manager of BioWare, expressed similar vaguity in February. Even back then it was only said that the Anthem team wanted to completely revise and improve significantly.

Anthem – Cataclysm gameplay trailer

A new event is coming up in Anthem: Cataclysm.


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