Anthony Matéo and Clémence separated, the breakup of the couple from the Vacances des Anges announced on Instagram

On his Instagram account, Anthony Matéo, currently in The Holidays of Angels 4 on NRJ12, announced his separation from Clémence Lopez. The couple take a “pause” in his relationship.

“We decided to take a little break between us with Clémence.” It is with these words thatAnthony Matéo announced the sad news to his followers on Instagram, this Saturday, May 1. The candidates of Holiday of the Angels 4 seem to need to take different paths. For the moment, the young man ignores if he will find, sooner or later, his sweetheart. “We need to find each other on their own for the moment, to breathe ”, he admitted, in a series of messages posted in story. A difficult situation that he struggles to accept. “I confess that things are not going too well at the moment. As you may have noticed, I have very little presence on the networks. I can’t do it ”, he wrote.

Why did they split up?

Since Anthony Matéo and Clemence lopez formalized their relationship, in February 2020, the two lovebirds who fell in love with The Villa of Broken Hearts 5 have never missed an opportunity to show their complicity, their love and their happiness on social networks. Lately, however, a storm has hit their relationship. “We tried as best we could to hang on, but the step is too high for the moment. The life of a couple is sometimes difficult, unfortunately a lot of things made it not easy every day”Said the rugby enthusiast. So what happened between them? For the moment, the mystery remains unsolved. However, Anthony Matéo still wanted to reassure his fans. “All this is not due to deception, something else or the lack of feelings, but we need this, that’s all”, He swept.

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“Don’t see any buzz”

Still in this long message, Anthony Matéo has already warned his community: this separation is indeed real. “Don’t see any buzz”, he indicated. “People do what they want, but you can see very well that I am not in dramas etc, washing dirty clothes in public or whatever. It’s not me, it’s not us . ” For her part, Clémence Lopez has not yet spoken on social networks. Will she end up expressing herself? For the moment, the silence is golden.

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