Anti-aging pills come from Switzerland

In the number Six of Fortuny Street We find one of the most prestigious clinics in the world in this area on the ground floor of a noble building. It opened a year and a half ago in the capital after the demonstrated interest of many of the clients from countries of the South American continent who came to the originally in Switzerland and they mentioned Madrid as their second vital destination.

Between the walls of this office converted into a holistic care space the essence of the mother house is found. Their first subsidiary (of the many they plan to open in the coming years) has been in Spain. After 90 years of life it has crossed borders and has baptized this corner as that of its prestigious La Prarie Clinic.

La Prairie Clinic. (Courtesy)

In 1931, Dr. Paul Niehans concentrated on the study of longevity and well-being. A visionary who chose the town of Montreux to found his clinic and who has brought some of those treatments to Spain. Montreux became famous for being a place where leaders such as Winston Churchill or Mikhail Gorbachev, actors like Marlene Dietrich, Charlie Chaplin o Cary Grant, and even popes from Rome. Pío XII it was treated in her in 1953 and continued to go from time to time; It is said that the clinic became the secret of his longevity until he died, at the age of 82, at the end of the decade. And just a year ago the very queen of coated paper, Isabel Preysler, went hand in hand with Vargas Llosa to immerse himself in his star treatment, Revitalization, which has a cost per week of around 24,000 euros.

But why does who goes repeat even if we talk about astronomical figures? The Swiss center, which has a hotel and spa (which is among the three best in the world), has a large gym, a luxurious restaurant and all kinds of aesthetic treatments and medical specialties. So far nothing to write home about, but what if we start talking about epigenetics? One of the secrets of this clinic is the collaboration of Clinique La Praire and Genknowme, an innovative company in the life sciences sector and specialized in analyzing the effects of our lifestyle, the ability of our genes to turn on and off, and how these processes are related to three key factors: wellness, health and aging. They carry out an exhaustive analysis of the DNA that is capable of measuring the true biological age and what are the behaviors that by modifying them can reduce it.

We spoke with Simone gibertoni, CEO of La Prairie Clinic, who tells us: “We have dedicated nine decades to unlocking the secrets of longevity and well-being. This commitment has led to the best treatments and programs to regenerate and rejuvenate the body and spirit, strengthen the immune system and improve performance. physical and mental. This search has resulted in new scientific advances added to the Revitalization program, complementing the legendary CLP extract to revitalize every part of the body. ”

The flagship program, translated into Spanish as Revitalization, includes a series of tests: DNA tests, comprehensive reviews and innovative new treatments based on what they insist are its four pillars: health care, wellness, nutrition and movement. The keys are continuous attention to metabolism, inflammation, anti-aging programs and strengthening the immune system. Among his techniques of regenerative medicine highlights the CLP extract, made from a powerful formula created and founded by Dr. Niehans, revitalizing and perfected over the decades, which remains essential in the treatment to regenerate and fight the effects of aging. Composed of combinations of natural assets that interact with the genes involved in cell stimulation. The supplement is taken at the beginning of the treatment, during the stay in CLP, and later the procedure is continued at home, during the four weeks of follow-up of the Revitalization program. Two new activators have also been added: a high-performance cellular one and a genomic-based cure to refine the program.

Photo: Redensify, the new anti-aging technique.  (Imaxtree)

A cocktail that offers its clients a balance between science, nature and technology so that they can have a full experience with results. But for those who do not have the possibility of approaching this scientific universe They have released the Holistic Complex, which focuses on its Holistic Health pillars of wellness. Some supplements that have taken more than five years to develop and that offer fans of this medical experience part of their care. Anti-aging, balance, energy, and purity, linking immunity, stress management, anti-inflammation, rejuvenation and cell longevity. It arises from the fusion of five proven compounds: Neuromics, Synerithin, Fixentin, Immucell and Niehanyl *. “Those who follow a program in our clinic have the opportunity to benefit from cutting-edge products and integrated nutrigenomics in the course of a week. We are delighted to bring our pioneering science into the daily routine of many. Our supplements are the result of years of innovation and research to understand how we can help people who lead increasingly busy lives with a tailored routine that they can trust to support their well-being, “adds Gibertoni.

Clinique La Prairie. (Empty)

In the center of Madrid, with a minimal style, you can live pills of the experience that has made them famous worldwide. Dr. Rosa García Maroto He speaks, for example, of the genesis laser, which allows the skin to be rejuvenated in a simple, delicate and non-invasive way, activating the formation of collagen, closing the enlarged pores and improving rosacea, as well as the inflammation of acneic skin. This pleasant treatment is apt for all skin phototypes, for any age, during all seasons of the year and without any downtime. We recommend doing one session every month for 6 months to have optimal results.

One of the keys to this place is that privacy is the maximum: there is a direct entrance from the portal for those who do not want to go through reception and be seen. And another access from the garage with direct rise. A luxury that is already for everyone.

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