Anti-hijab protest in Iran; A young woman burst into tears after cutting her hair on the dead body of her brother

The anti-hijab movement in Iran is intensifying. Police arrested more than 700 people who participated in the strike. It is estimated that around 41 people have been killed in the agitation so far.

The video of the sister cutting the hair of the youth who was killed during the protests is now widely circulated. A young man named Jawad Hydari was killed. The footage of the sister cutting her hair and crying over the young man’s dead body is going viral.

Mahsa Amini (22), who was arrested by the police for allegedly not wearing the hijab properly, was killed in custody, and women-led protests against moral police in Iran intensified. Women are protesting against the morality police by cutting their hair and burning their hijab.

Hundreds of people came to pay their respects to Jawad Hydari, who was killed during the protests. In the meantime, Jawad’s sister cut her hair and offered it to the dead body in protest.
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Mahsa Amini was arrested by Sadachara police on the charge of not covering her hair properly. Amini, who was in police custody, was admitted to the hospital after her health deteriorated. The woman was in a coma for three days and later died.

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Mahsa Amini was arrested by the religious police for allegedly not wearing the hijab properly after the introduction of a new dress code for women in Iran. Amini had come with his family from Iran’s western province of Kurdistan to the capital, Tehran. Mahsa was arrested on charges of not covering her hair properly while traveling through the capital city.

According to the police, Amini died after collapsing while she was with other women in detention. However, the family members complained that Mahsa was beaten on the head after being arrested and this was the reason for his death. Several local media reported that eyewitnesses said the police brutally beat Mahsa Amini in the police van.

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