anti-NMDAR immune encephalitis

Department of Medicine reveals anti-NMDAR immune encephalitis has ghost-like symptoms If not treated promptly, symptoms can be severe and even fatal.

Dr. Somsak Ankasil, Director-General of the Medical Department, revealed that anti-NMDAR immune encephalitis is caused by a malfunction of the immune system against the NMDA receptor (NMDA receptor). testis Or it may occur spontaneously from a viral infection in the body. Or sometimes the cause may not be detected. Able to meet patients of all genders and ages. but is more common in young female patients. Most patients tend to have non-specific discomfort. followed by neurological disorders

Dr. Thanin Vejchapinan, director of the Institute of Neurology, said patients will have symptoms that are low-grade fever and body aches brought before. along with symptoms that mislead the patient to have a mental health problem such as insomnia, confusion, aggression or lethargy, hallucinations, etc. If the patient is not treated Patients will begin to have symptoms of abnormal movements that are uncontrollable, such as chewing with the mouth, sticking out the tongue, moving hands and feet together with symptoms of autonomic disorders such as abnormal pulse, abnormally high or low body temperature. high heart rate abnormally high or low blood pressure If left untreated, the patient will begin to experience seizures, lethargy, unconsciousness and death. The diagnosis requires a thorough history of the patient in conjunction with a physical neurological examination. and send a blood test together with cerebrospinal fluid to look for the virus and find abnormal immune types Patients may undergo other tests based on symptoms, such as an MRI test. EEG examination which is an important problem that delays treatment due to symptoms similar to psychiatric disorders or relatives understand that it is supernatural therefore neglecting treatment by modern doctors, especially brain and nervous system doctors Once diagnosed, the patient should be treated promptly. in order to achieve the best results for the treatment and rejuvenation of the body because every second Valuable for brain and spinal cord diseases

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