Anticoagulants to Treat Moderately Ill COVID-19 Patients | Coronavirus

Researchers from the Toronto University Hospital Network say provisional results from clinical trials at more than 300 hospitals on five continents suggest full-dose anticoagulants could significantly prevent severe cases, precisely those that put pressure on them. huge on intensive care facilities.

The study involved more than 1,300 patients who were moderately ill but admitted to hospital, including some in Toronto. The researchers believe that full doses of the heparin anticoagulant improved patients’ condition and reduced the need for ventilators.

The full dose was also more effective than the lower dose typically given in preventing blood clots in hospitalized patients.

Intensivist Ewan Goligher, who participated in the international study, says the findings could dramatically transform the care of people with COVID-19.

After treating so many critically ill COVID-19 patients and observing their suffering and that of their loved ones, it is extremely gratifying that we have all together discovered a treatment that can prevent patients from becoming seriously ill and improve their recovery.Dr Goligher said in a statement.

Treatments are rare

Ryan Zarychanski, associate professor at the University of Manitoba, hematologist and intensive care physician, says the results are promising.

While this disease offers a limited number of effective therapies, our findings may define a new way around the world to treat patients hospitalized with COVID-19 but moderately ill.

Ryan Zarychanski

At the start of the pandemic, doctors noticed increased blood clots and inflammation in patients with COVID-19, which can lead to complications like lung failure, heart attack or stroke.

Last December, researchers found that giving full-dose anticoagulants to critically ill ICU patients with COVID-19 was not working well. This treatment was in fact harmful.

However, the new study seems to show that the anticoagulant would give good results in patients who are moderately ill.

The clinical trials were funded by major national scientific research agencies, including the health research institutes of Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

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