“Antisocial towards society!” – The Daily Standard

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb is baffled at last weekend’s illegal house party. Young people had a large, illegal party on the Maasvlakte. Youngsters who had registered received a message about the exact location just before the start. For Aboutaleb it is incomprehensible that you go to an illegal party especially during these times. According to the mayor, it is irresponsible and extremely antisocial towards the rest of society.

Young people had managed to throw a real house party party with professional equipment. DJs were more than happy to come and experience this rave, and of course young people were more than happy to come – after months of boredom, they could finally go to a party.

Just after midnight, the police got wind of this and the party ended. Not much later, the party continued, but at a different location. They received a new app with the location; and yes the party continued at the new location.

This behavior is unacceptable to Mayor Aboutaleb. Joost Eerdmans, obviously fiercely against illegal parties, does see that organizing parties, taking into account the applicable rules, is the best way to fight this kind of illegality. Let young people party, but in a controlled environment so that the rules are followed.

,, Young people have been on the brake for six months. You can no longer stop them. I prefer that something happens outdoors, with much less chance of contamination, than people walking the polonaise in a pub on Witte de Withstraat and literally standing on the bar. Those are just hot spots. ”

Aboutaleb, on the other hand, is of the opinion that one should simply adhere to the rules. Continuously making exceptions to make it ‘more bearable’ for people won’t work either. And he is right about that, people will continue to push the boundaries – and will cross them. Continuing to stretch those boundaries also demonstrates a lack of leadership.

For Aboutaleb, only one thing is important right now, which is to reduce the number of infections.

“And that will only work if we all stick to the rules.”

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