News Antón Gómez-Reino will attend the primaries of Podemos to...

Antón Gómez-Reino will attend the primaries of Podemos to preside over the Xunta


The General Secretary of Podemos Galicia, Antón Gómez-Reino, will attend the open internal primary elections in Podemos to elect a candidate for the Xunta de Galicia for the next regional elections on April 5.

This has been confirmed this morning in statements to the media on the promenade of La Coruña, where he explained that his goal is to lead a progressive project with which he hopes to leave elected. “I hope to gain the confidence of the majority of those registered in Podemos Galicia, I believe that we have a solid project to lead the change in Galicia and I believe that the time of Núñez Feijóo is over,” said the deputy in Congress.

More than 20,000 registrants of Podemos Galicia will be able to vote in the primaries, whose deadline to present candidates ended this Friday and in two weeks the process will be “finished,” he said. Asked if he will leave his seat in the Congress of Deputies, Gomez-Kingdom has replied that “we must take steps and focus” in Galicia, so he has detailed that “it is obvious.”

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Thus, the secretary general of Podemos Galicia has stated that since he began his political journey, his “fundamental objective” has been to “change” Galicia, beginning in 2015 when they were able to “change the cities.” “It is a historical responsibility for all the progressive people of our country and we have to lean our shoulders,” said Gomez-Kingdom, which has stressed the importance of “taking a step forward” to “aspire to lead the Xunta de Galicia” . In this way, it intends to modify the course of Galician politics after participating in the project of a state government «that increases the SMI, increases the salary of the officials and is making expansive public policies».

On a possible confluence in the rupturist left, he replied that “there is no one left to build the alternative that has to end the black decade of Núñez Feijóo”, so he has not ruled out this option. “We have always been working, I was particularly one of the main people of the municipal project and we have an electoral tool that was third political force in the last two general elections that is Galicia in Common,” he emphasized. .


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